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77 projects planned to commission in second five-year plan of SPFIID in Mangistau region

"The Minister for Investment and Development Asset Issekeshev held the meeting during which Deputy Mayor of Mangistau region Rakimbek Amirzhanov reported on the results of the state program of forced industrial and innovative development, development of special economic zone "Seaport Aktau" and the tourism cluster in the region, focused on the problems for 2015-2019 years", the message reads.

Under the Industrialization Map 35 projects totaling 227.8 billion tenge were introduced in 2010-2014, more than 3 million full-time jobs were created. 33 projects included in the Industrialization Map and 2 additional projects were introduced by "ASKI-Mangistau" LLP (2-stage) and "KazTrub-Industries" LLP. In January-November 2014 the enterprises of Mangistau region produced goods worth more than 73 billion tenge.

In addition, the second five-year plan of Industrialization program is expected 77 investment projects worth 1.8 trillion tenge. Also it’s expected to create the jobs for about 16 thousand people.

It’s proposed 23 projects with the implementation period 2015 – 2022 for the republican Industrialization map on 2015- 2019 years. The total volume of investments is 916,865 billion tenge. It’s planned to create 3634 jobs during the construction of the objects, then 8308 people will be employed permanently.

Another 35 projects with a total investment of 84.526 billion tenge are planned to include in the Regional map of business support for 2015 - 2019.

Since the creation of SEZ "Seaport Aktau" about 30 billion tenge has been borrowed, the production have been produced on 223 billion tenge, 19 billion tenge has been received to the budget in the form of taxes. More than 1,000 permanent jobs have been created.

31 participants are registered on the territory of SEZ, 9 projects have been realized. The works on termination of the investment agreement with 3 problem projects were carried out that have not fulfilled their contractual obligations. To avoid this situation and efficient operation of SEZ the land is earmarked for the specific projects with the real investments and guarantee of the ultimate realization. In addition, 22 projects are on the phase of realization, 8 of them are planned to start this year.