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77 projects planned to commission in second five-year plan of SPFIID in Mangistau region

"The Minister for Investment and Development Asset Issekeshev held the meeting during which Deputy Mayor of Mangistau region Rakimbek Amirzhanov reported on the results of the state program of forced industrial and innovative development, development of special economic zone "Seaport Aktau" and the tourism cluster in the region, focused on the problems for 2015-2019 years", the message reads.

Kazakhstan launches 15 new projects

The national teleconference took place in Kazakhstan on December 25 - Industrialization Day. During the teleconference, 15 new projects were commissioned in the country. It is planned to hold three events with participation of the country’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev, AzerNews/Trend report. 


Republic of Kazakhstan: Looking to the Future

This week Dennis Wholey is in the Republic of Kazakhstan to discuss the future of this unique Central Asian country. Through various interviews, Dennis learns about how Kazakhstan is planning to host the upcoming “Expo 2017” as it devotes serious effort towards green technology and renewable energy. Dennis also explores Kazakhstan’s creative way of educating its younger generations and securing a bright future for its growing and modern work force. Lastly, Dennis finds that while the country’s plans for the future are developing in many directions, its rich cultural history cannot be ignored. Group CEO of Altyn Kyran Islambek Salzhanov answering questions in an interview with Dennis Wholey in this film.


First forum of young entrepreneurs starts in Aktobe


The first national forum of young entrepreneurs has started in Aktobe, initiated by the Council for Youth Policy under the President of the country. The organizers say they wanted to create a platform for promotion of youth entrepreneurs, development of their business initiatives.


Sixth Winter Charity Masquerade Raises More Than 13 Million Tenge


ASTANA – The Sixth Winter Charity Masquerade Ball, one of the capital city’s most prestigious annual events, held Dec. 7, 2013 in Astana, raised more than 13 million tenge for children in local orphanages and local families in need.



Startup competition seeks talents

9 December 2013, "Kazakhstanskaya pravda".  Greenhouses, talking pens, beds-robots, software in three languages??, a visiting agency, shoe production, hen breeding are the mini-projects offered by young entrepreneurs at the business ideas competition Atameken Startup Aktobe.


Success and responsibility

newspaper "Kazahstanskay pravda"

Despite solid support from the government, majority of social problems can be solved only at a high level of philanthropic culture.


“Who is the best in business”, Forbes magazine

The finalists in the “Entrepreneur Of The Year - 2012” competition in Kazakhstan have been determined.  The awarding of the laureates will take place on March 29.


“An angel with money”, Expert Kazakhstan magazine

An informal club of business-angels has begun working in Kazakhstan, ready to select start-ups in order to finance them.  Readers may recall that on September 26 of last year, at a session of the Bureau of the Presidium of NEPK "Union" Atameken", First Deputy Chairman of the chamber’s Management Board Rakhim Oshakbaev gave a presentation with a summing up of the Atameken Startup project and with a proposal to create a club of business-angels in Kazakhstan, whose members could invest money in local start-ups.