Akimat of Aktobe region has signed with major companies of the region a memoranda on increase of local content totalling to 44 billion tenge

Today in the morning, First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev paid a working visit to Aktobe region, where he held a meeting on the development of local content and social responsibility of business with the heads of the central state bodies, national companies, strategic and large enterprises of the region.

актобе меморандум салжанов

Speaking at the meeting, Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that, given the current crisis in the global economy, the President in his Address to the Nation announced the New Economic Policy "Nurly Zhol - The pathway to the future".

"Nurly Zhol" is aimed at providing infrastructure development, modernization of housing and communal services, the creation of new jobs. This, in turn, will provide a powerful multiplier effect for the development of the economy as a whole", - said Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

On behalf of the business community of the region, the President of the International Charity Fund "Altyn Kyran", the chairman of the Regional Council of Entrepreneurs of RCE of Aktobe region Islambek Salzhanov noted that today the business community of Kazakhstan is facing new economic challenges caused by the global decline in oil prices, as well as the sharp devaluation of the Russian ruble.

"Of course, all this has a negative impact on the economy of our country. Our domestic entrepreneurs, particularly on the border with the Russian regions are experiencing hard times due to the decline in production due to the influx of cheap goods from Russia, they found themselves in a difficult situation due to lack of tenge liquidity in banks. In this connection the anti-crisis measures on support of business have been included in the agenda of the Congress of NCE RK, which was held on 27th of January in Astana", - said Islambek Tuleubaevich.

He also informed the participants of the meeting that at the suggestion of NCE Government has developed an action plan to support industrial enterprises in 2015, according to which there is a need in creation of a centre for provisions of orders, changes in tariffs for rail services, as well as the price of electricity, gas, taking into account interests of the service providers.

NCE RK also designed measures to increase the participation of domestic manufacturers in the purchase of government agencies and national companies.

"All this gives us hope that we adequately overcome another crisis and come out of it already strong, as the crisis  is a new opportunity for further growth. Businessmen of the country feel the support of the President and the Government. First of all, it is expressed in the adopted drastic measures to improve entrepreneurship, adoption of the Law on the resolution and notification, which dramatically simplifies the licensing system in our country, which started from 1 of January 2015, the new economic policy "Nurly Zhol - The pathway to the future".  The business community hopes that the Head of State will support the Government's proposals on the need to further strengthen the state program Nurly Zhol – The Pathway to the Future "at 200 billion tenge. On our part we will do our best to justify the confidence of the President rendered to NCE "Atameken". Entrepreneurs of Aktobe region, despite all the difficulties, will do anything to preserve jobs and to continue to support social projects in the region", - assured Islambek Salzhanov.

Following the meeting the memos were signed between akimat of Aktobe region and LLP "Eurasian Group", JSC "KazMunaiGas", "Kazakhmys Corporation", JSC "NC" KTZ ", JSC" Kazakhtelecom ", JSC" CNPC-Aktobe ", LLP" Voskhod Oriel " on the development of local content totalling in 44 billion tenge.

Memos on preservation of jobs and stabilization of production processes were signed between akimat of Aktobe region and industrial enterprises of the region, including JSC "CNPC-Aktobe", JSC TNK "Kazchrome", LLP "KazakhOil-Aktobe" and others.