Oil products trading

Golden Eagle Group is the Altyn Kyran group’s oil products trading company.  It is based in the city of Atyrau.

The company purchases crude oil from Russia (TNK-BP, Russneft, Lukbeloil) and Kazakhstan and ships it to the Atyrau oil refinery, as well as selling oil products refined at the Atyrau refinery on the domestic market and for export.  Import of oil products from Russia for the domestic market.  Our main customers in Kazakhstan are TCO, Lufthansa Airlines, Air Astana, and Ivolga Holding.

Our principal destinations are the port of Aktau, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Finland, and Azerbaijan.  Our main oil products are gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, furnace fuel, and vacuum gas oil.

You can read about the Golden Eagle Group in greater detail here.