What We Do

Transport and freight forwarding services

Transport and freight forwarding services in the Altyn Kyran Group of Companies are provided by GE Logistics.

GE Logistics has an agreement with KTZh (Kazakhstan Railways) for the provision of transport and freight forwarding services, as well as contracts with the large railroad freight forwarders in the CIS countries.

GE Logistics provides transport and freight forwarding services for domestic, export/import, and transit shipments using its own and leased rolling stock.  The company currently operates a fleet of 3,722 rail cars, including 2,822 tanker cars for transporting crude oil and oil products and 900 gondolas for transporting bulk goods.

The company offers a full range of transport and freight forwarding services on the railroads of Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and the European Union, including:

  • Consulting on optimal logistical routing and organization of shipments;
  • Calculation of tariffs on the railroads of Kazakhstan, the CIS, and the Baltic countries;
  • Issuance of telegrams and instructions to clients and consigners (assignment of codes)
  • Customs clearance and processing of freight;
  • Acting as consignee and consigner of freight presented for shipment.
  • Assisting with coordination of main and supplementary shipment plans in the Republic of Kazakhstan and export/import and transit directions;
  • Rail car current location services and provision of estimates of rail car arrival times.

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Leasing of railway tanker cars and gondolas

GE Logistics offers its own rolling stock for lease.  We have model 15-1547-03 and 15-1566-06 tanker cars for transporting crude oil and oil products, as well as model 12-1704-04 universal chute gondolas designed for transporting granular and coarse bulk goods that do not require protection from atmospheric precipitation.

We offer our clients the opportunity to lease our rail cars on terms and conditions custom-tailored to their specific needs.

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Oil products trading

Golden Eagle Group is the Altyn Kyran group’s oil products trading company.  It is based in the city of Atyrau.

The company purchases crude oil from Russia (TNK-BP, Russneft, Lukbeloil) and Kazakhstan and ships it to the Atyrau oil refinery, as well as selling oil products refined at the Atyrau refinery on the domestic market and for export.  Import of oil products from Russia for the domestic market.  Our main customers in Kazakhstan are TCO, Lufthansa Airlines, Air Astana, and Ivolga Holding.

Our principal destinations are the port of Aktau, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Finland, and Azerbaijan.  Our main oil products are gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, furnace fuel, and vacuum gas oil.

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Transshipment of oil products

ASKI-Mangistau  is the Altyn Kyran group’s service company, providing oil products transshipment services both for export from Kazakhstan to foreign countries via the Caspian Sea and for import in the opposite direction.  The company is based in the city of Aktau.

Construction is currently nearing completion on a terminal for receiving, storage, and transshipment of oil products (gasoline, diesel fuel, and fuel oil) in the port of Aktau.  This project was included in the State Program for Forced Industrial and Innovational Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 and in the “branches of the construction industry and industrial infrastructure” section of the country’s Industrialization Map.

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Rail car repair depot

REK-Makhambet service company, based in the city of Atyrau, offers services in the repair and interior and exterior washing of tanker cars and in the storage of railway tanker car rolling stock.

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