Our Charitable Foundation

The Altyn Kyran group of companies has been actively engaged in charitable activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 15 years.  In order to ensure that this important work remains ongoing and uninterrupted, a decision was made to register an eponymous Altyn Kyran corporate charitable foundation, with Islambek Tuelubaevich Salzhanov as President.

The main areas of the foundation’s activities are:

  • contributing to the development of national culture, arts, sciences, and education;
  • supporting prominent figures in Kazakhstan who have made a contribution in these areas;
  • participating in the development of a national idea capable of consolidating Kazakhstan society;
  • promoting patriotism, national customs and traditions, and moral and ethical norms and cultural values;
  • contributing to the development of the Kazakh language;
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle, physical education, and sports;
  • providing assistance to the underprivileged, the needy, the elderly, the disabled, orphaned children, and needy schoolchildren and college students; identifying and supporting gifted and talented children.

In pursuit of these aims, the fund works closely together with governmental agencies at the national and local levels, as well as with civic associations and NGOs, on both broad-based programs and specific targeted projects.

The charitable movement has come a long way in these years, our work has become more reasoned and professional, and we have witnessed positive results with our projects.  The Foundation has developed a solid core of personnel, who have not only been participating in the ALTYN KYRAN Foundation’s work for several years already, but have also been the initiators of many socially important projects that have had a significant impact on the development of Kazakh literature, language, and culture..

We are delighted that our Foundation now has a network of volunteers, assistants, and stable partners throughout the entire country.

It became obvious very early on that there was a need for the ALTYN KYRAN Foundation to establish a constructive dialogue with government agencies, key NGOs, and development agencies.  The decision to incorporate the Foundation was made for this reason.